Adjusting the Pressure Valve in the RV Flow Dividers

Flow dividers are much more complex products than pumps and motors, so it is important to know how they work and know their characteristics to avoid installation mistake that can lead to problems such as, for example, equipment failure. To let a flow divider work at its best performances, it is extremely important it is […]

Guide to Our Labeling System: Change of Marking from XV1P to…

Years ago you bought a Vivoil pump marked laser with a code similar to this: XV1P, KV1P, KV0U. Today you want to change it, but you don’t know how to select the replacement? Here it is directions to guide you in our product coding system. From laser marking to bar code labeling In 2010 we […]

Flow Dividers with Motor

Among the possible solutions we propose for flow dividers, the less known is for sure the version FLOW DIVIDER + MOTOR. This option is suggested when you have SINGLE ACTING CYLINDERS where there is no load on returning. Under these conditions, the starting pressure necessary to move the gears cannot be supplied by the cylinders […]

How to Select Hydraulic Flow Dividers

Hydraulic flow dividers are very high precision hydraulic components that split the oil into predefined ratio, that could be the same for all the sections or different. This function is due to gears in series, able to divide the inlet oil flow into several flows, with the same or different ratios. Because of these characteristics, […]

Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo at the Fair: Our Production Program at SIMA 2019 in Paris

SIMA 2019, one of the most important exhibitions for the agricultural sector, ended a few days ago and this year we were among the exhibitors! From February 24th to 28th our Export Manager Mario Polpatelli represented Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo in a large international context: companies and professionals from all over the world gathered in Paris […]

Case Study – Customized Cooling System for Agricultural Machines

Vivoil and ASA Hydraulik together to implement the system Vivoil hydraulic products are used in many sectors. One of the most important is certainly the agricultural one. Also in this field the ability to customize the components is essential to achieve certain performance or integrate a specific function in the machine, and it is precisely […]

Vivoil’s Production Flexibility: the Way We Work

At Vivoil we chose flexibility. We work to order and do not ask for minimum quantities for the purchase. Our customers know that they can order very small orders from us, even for a single component, as well as large lots of thousands of pieces. This is possible because our entire company, from sales to […]

Use a Vivoil Flow Divider as Pressure Multipliers

Flow dividers are very high precision hydraulic components, which are normally used to distribute the oil flow in several uses. However, this is not the only possible application. In some cases, in fact, it may be useful to choose to use a flow divider as a pressure multipliers. Let’s see together when to opt for […]

Thank you for Visiting us at EIMA International!

A few days have passed after the conclusion of EIMA International 2018 fair, the International Exhibition of Agriculture and Gardening Machines, which is held every two years in Bologna. EIMA is one of the most important events of the sector and this year we were there too, as guests of Assofluid stand. There have been […]

Vivoil at the Fair: we Wait for you at EIMA International, Bologna, 7th-11th November 2018

From 7th to 11th November 2018 we will be at the EIMA International Fair, the International Exhibition of Agriculture and Gardening Machines, which every two years opens in Bologna to host companies and professionals from all over the world. You can find us at the stand of Assofluid, the Italian Association of Manufacturers and Operators […]