How to Change Rotation of Vivoil Pumps

Do you have a Vivoil unidirectional pump and you want to change its rotation? Here are directions on how to do it.

Changing the rotation of a XV unidirectional pump

Let’s see together step by step how to change the rotation of a Vivoil XV unidirectional pump, but first some important directions:

  • to change the rotation you don’t need to replace the front flange, you can use the one you already have ( except for pumps with in/out on it )
  • when disassembling and reassembling the pump, take big care of seals
  • put a lot of attention that everything is clean
  • with directions we are showing you, the IN and OUT threads have never to be switched

To change the rotation, follow all the steps in this tutorial video and the description you find immediately after:

1 – Disassemble the pump

As first, remove the key, nut and washer from the shaft, then unscrew and remove the fixing screws.

Remove the front flange and then remove the gears and the upper bushes.

Important: be very careful not to rotate the bushes.

2 – Change the rotation

Now you can switcht the position of the gears: move the driven shaft instead of the conductor one and vice versa.

Important: during this operation, be careful not to rotate the aluminium body and the rear cover.

3 – Reassemble the pump

You have changed the rotation, so you can reassemble all the parts.

First of all clean carefully the front flange you removed, mainly the surfaces front flange / aluminium body.

Put the screws and tighten the nuts:

  • pump group 0 (XV-0P) tightening torque 11.7 Nm to 13.7 Nm
  • pump group 1 (XV-1P) tightening torque 24.5 Nm to 29.4 Nm
  • pump group 2 (XV-2P) tightening torque 54 Nm to 58.9 Nm
  • pump group 3 (XV-3P) tightening torque 60 Nm to 65 Nm

Finally, check that the gears rotate.

The changing is completed, now you can use the pump with the rotation you need!

For more details, you can also check the unidirectional pumps catalogue  page 18 to page 29.

Changing rotation of the multiple pump sections XV

If you have a multiple pump section (front, intermediate or rear pump) you change the rotation exactly as the unidirectional pumps, but with an extra trick: when you remove and then put again the bushes, be very careful to keep the small hole on the bushes close to the inlet port, otherwise the shaft seal will be blown up!

To change the rotation follow all the steps of these tutorial videos:

1 – Front pump XV

2 – Intermediate pump XV

3 – Rear pump XV

Do you need help? Here we are to help you: contact us!

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