Reversible Hydraulic Motors

Reversible hydraulic motors in aluminium, and with external gears. Some motors in this category are also available with cast iron flanges.

They are used for some special applications, and their rotation verse is alternately clockwise and counterclockwise. Therefore, if you are looking for a motor with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation verse to be reversed according to your needs, we recommend our unidirectional hydraulic motors, whose rotation verse can be changed without adding any components.

The displacement of the reversible motors varies between 0.45 cm3/rev and 86.87 cm3/rev, the rotation speed reaches up to 9000 rpm, the maximum pressures reach 320 bar.

Depending on the type, our reversible motors can have:

  • Integrated outboard bearings
  • High-Pressure shaft seal

We realize customized projects, contact our sales office.