Fields of Application of our Hydraulic Components

Vivoil flow dividers, hydraulic motors and hydraulic pumps and their accessories are very important components for the production of agricultural, industrial, earth-moving and automotive machines.

Our product range

A complete range for every sector and working condition

Vivoil hydraulic components used in agricultural machinery distribute the right flow of oil to make the typical work operations in agriculture and forestry precise, smooth, and safe: transport and movement of large loads, pruning, harvesting of agricultural products and plants.

Components for industrial machines last over time, to reduce maintenance interventions and machine downtime as much as possible during the operations of transporting and moving large loads, converting materials, producing semi-finished products and alternative energy.

Components used in the automotive and transport industries contribute to machine and vehicles’ precision and smooth movement.

Vivoil hydraulic components for earth-moving machinery contribute to the safety of those who drive the vehicle, and contribute to the continuous operation of the machines used on construction sites during earth-moving, removal, leveling and loading operations.

Maximum precision and customization even for small quantities

Vivoil components are available in different displacements for maximum performance in all working conditions, and are divided into four size groups (0, 1, 2, 3 according to our classification). We can customize most of our products with valves (anti-cavitation, maximum pressure relief, priority, bypass electric), heavy-duty application supports, and a variety of flange and shaft configurations.

Our product range includes:

  • hydraulic pumps with external gears (unidirectional and reversible)
  • hydraulic motors with external gears (unidirectional and reversible)
  • multiple hydraulic pumps, with external gears, already assembled or in stages to be assembled
  • flow dividers

Our components are all manufactured in Italy and the products that require the highest precision are machined with 5 axes and a single grip. Each piece is assembled by hand, and then tested in our factory in Budrio (Bologna).

Delivery is quick and for our customers there are no minimum quantities to buy.

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