How to Connect 2 Stages of Multiple Pumps: “Z-Drive” Technique

Multiple pump stages were created to always have in stock the parts needed to assemble multiple pumps quickly and easily. This is precisely why, at Vivoil, we have designed a wide and versatile range. In fact, our stages are available in different finishes, including Primary, Intermediate and Final pumps of all size groups (zero, one, […]

How to Replace a KV Flow Divider with an RV Divider

“Can I use an RV flow divider where a KV divider was mounted?” This is one of the most frequent questions we receive at Vivoil. In fact, the KV series flow dividers have long been out of production, and we have replaced them with the new RV series, which is different from the previous one […]

Adjustment of multivalve flow divider valves

To ensure that a multivalve flow divider operates at peak performance and avoid installation errors, the first thing to do is to calibrate the phase correction valve. This step is very important because, if the adjustment is not done correctly, numerous problems can arise, including component failure. In fact, the phase correction valves intervene at […]

New Labeling System: the Unique Vivoil Code is Born

It will now be even easier to recognise an original Vivoil product from imitations and to reorder the parts you need: we have updated our labeling system and provided a unique serial number for each part. What has changed compared to the previous version? Here are all the new features. More traceability: all information in […]

Misalignment of Cylinders Connected to the Flow Divider: the Main Causes

Have you noticed that the cylinders connected to the  flow divider in your system are not moving at the same time? This is a situation that can occur for many reasons. In this article we look together at the main causes and the most effective solutions to deal with the problem. Flow dividers have a […]

New Product: Flow Divider With Electrically Operated Valves

Among the variants available on our products, we are adding a new one: the flow divider with electrically operated valves (or with solenoid valves)! The divider with valves activated by an electrical pulse The novelty is all in the control: compared to standard flow dividers, with this option, the rephasing does not depend on pressure, […]

Vivoil Reversible and Unidirectional Pumps

What is the difference? It happens often that our customers are not clear about the difference between reversible pumps and unidirectional pumps. This is a legitimate doubt due to the fact that, in the industry, there is no shared nomenclature because each company follows its own classification. At Vivoil, for example, we have chosen the […]

Vivoil KV and RV series flow dividers

All the differences between the two versions It sometimes happens that some customers ask us if there is a difference between the Vivoil flow dividers of the KV series and those of the RV series. The KV, in fact, is no longer in production and has been replaced by the recent RV version. Usually the […]

Vivoil hydraulic pumps KV and XV series

What is the difference between the two versions? Do you have a Vivoil KV-type hydraulic pump and want to replace it? KVs are now out of production, but you can choose one of the new XV series pumps, because they are perfectly interchangeable with the previous version. In fact, in Vivoil, product research is a […]

Oil Leaks in Hydraulic Pumps and Motors

Here are the most common causes Have you noticed an oil leak from a pump or a hydraulic motor installed in your machinery? Identifying the cause of the leak is very important to understand how to intervene and then solve the problem as soon as possible. Sometimes, in fact, it is sufficient to replace only […]