Case study: hydraulic pumps and motors for cutting/packing fir trees  

The holidays just past brought us one of the most original gifts we could have wished for: the chance to present you with a Christmas case study. Thanks to the cooperation with Dani Trading A/S – our distributor for Denmark – and the trust of SB Hydraulik A/S – a Danish company specializing in the production of forestry machinery – today, Vivoil hydraulic pumps and motors contribute to the operation of David and NB Greenpack: two machines used to cut fir trees for the Christmas tree market and to pack conifers.

The demand: maximum stability for cutting and packing fir trees, even at low temperatures

SB Hydraulik A/S was looking for a hydraulic motor and pump that would provide maximum stability and reliability in cutting and packing conifers, and in particular fir trees grown in Denmark, one of Europe’s most important exporters of natural Christmas trees.

The hydraulic components had to maintain their performance even in very cold temperatures and adverse weather conditions to enable the machines to work uninterruptedly and smoothly. In fact, conifers used as Christmas trees are grown specifically for this purpose and must be cut and packed with extreme care because, once packed, they are ready for shipment and then for sale. Trunk and branches cannot be damaged during cutting and packing operations. That is why special and particularly reliable machines, such as David and NB Greenpack, are needed to perform such delicate operations.

David is a self-propelled manual tree trimmer with a 6.5 HP 4-stroke internal combustion engine. It is equipped with two jaw blades, driven by a hydraulic pump, that can cut logs up to 15 cm. It is a handy, easy-to-use and accurate forestry machine. Features that make it ideal for cutting conifers grown in fairly dense forest-tree nurseries.

NB Greenpack is a machine consisting of a drilling unit driven by an oleodynamic motor and a packing unit. Installed on a tractor, the machine precisely performs all the operations necessary for packing freshly cut fir trees:

  • the drilling unit drills holes at the base of the logs so that the tree can be mounted on a stand;
  • the packing unit consists of a conveyor belt and two interchangeable inlets. The inlets are located at the beginning of the belt, have a different diameter to fit the size of the tree, and house the conifer packing net.

Here is how NB Greenpack works:

An operator inserts the tree into the selected inlet. The tree is then pulled by an extractor and gently wrapped in the net. It is then deposited on the conveyor belt. Another operator grabs the fir tree and places it back into a container. The whole operation takes about 8 seconds.

The solution: Vivoil pump and motor with tapered shaft for high performance in harsh climatic conditions

To ensure the required performance, it was necessary to choose a pump and motor with sufficient power and stability to work at several degrees below zero, with maximum precision and without interruption. That is why Dani Trading A/S, our partner for Denmark, proposed to SB Hydraulik A/S a Vivoil hydraulic pump and motor suitable for the type of machine and also for the type of work required.

Group 1 Unidirectional Pump for David

The component chosen to drive the truncating jaw of the David tree cutter is the X1P2102FBBA hydraulic pump of Group 1. Equipped with a tapered shaft and BSPP ports, it is a standard aluminum, externally geared, unidirectional pump with a centering diameter of 25.4 mm and 2.6 cc displacement

Group 1 Reversible Motor for NB Greenpack

Instead, the component chosen to drive the NB Greenpack drilling unit is the Group 1 X1M3101FIIE hydraulic motor with a tapered shaft. It is a reversible, standard, aluminum, external gear hydraulic motor with a centering diameter of 25.4 mm and displacement of 5.9 cc.

A project we are proud of

We thank Dani Trading A/S and SB Hydraulik A/S for the trust placed in our components and also for giving us the opportunity to help create the magical Christmas atmosphere in the homes of so many families.

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