Hydraulic Flow Dividers

Hydraulic flow dividers in aluminium, and with external gears. They are modular even with more than 20 elements, and are available with relief and/or anti-cavitation valves. Some products in this category are available with an integrated hydraulic motor which, in the presence of single effect cylinders and in the absence of load, facilitates the descent.

For some special applications, we can supply the flow divider with stages of different size groups to handle even very different flow rates.
Machining is done with 5-axis machines and a single grip, which improves dimensional accuracy. The displacement of the flow dividers varies between 0.16 cm3/rev and 86.87 cm3/rev and the maximum pressures reach 300 bar.

If you are looking for a product that maintains a very high accuracy in the presence of strong pressure differences and/or available with CETOP connections on each stage, we recommend our manifold flow divider with instantaneous realignment MIA-FD (Manifold Instantaneous Auto-compensating Flow Divider).