Manifold Instantaneous Auto-Compensating Flow Divider MIA-FD

Auto-compensating flow divider in aluminium, and with external gears.
It is a component of group 1 and is very high-precision. Generally, there is no need to use single relief valves with this product, but you can always install them at a later time using the CETOP interfaces.

MIA-FD, which stands for Manifold Instantaneous Auto-compensating Flow Divider, is the new generation of dividers because, although still a gear flow divider, it is capable to compensate the actuators pressures (loads) differences. We designed it to distribute and supply the different branches of the circuits with constant and independent flow rates. It is very useful for lifting objects with different weights, keeping them aligned. For example, MIA-FD is used to keep platforms in line for lifting animals and trucks.


It has two configurations, MVA or MVE

  • MVA – standard flow divider
  • MVE – flow divider with command connection (up to 50 l/min) which includes:
    • pressure relief valve
    • flow rate valve and unidirectional flow rate adjustment to lead the reunification phase

Technical Data

  • Displacements from 0.91 cm3/rev to 9.88 cm3/rev
  • Maximum pressures up to 250 bar
  • Rotation speeds up to 6500 rpm

Characteristic Curves

 Download the file rvcc01-en-vivoil.pdf ~242 KB

Features and functions

1. It is accurate, precision within 1.5% with pressure difference between the actuators up to 170 bar

We have inserted an auto-compensation system in the divider, so that the flow division remains unaffected by the pressure differences between the elements. We have also redesigned all components to reduce manufacturing tolerances and achieve greater uniformity between elements.

2. It is modular and expandable, does not need any type of adjustment

Each MIA-FD element is a single independent unit, to which you can add or remove valves and controls. We have perfected this model by inserting CETOP connections that allow the use of the flow divider as a manifold system. In fact, each element can have added valves and other modular elements with CETOP NG6 , ISO 4401-03-02-0- 05. The individual elements, assembled, form a real compact manifold, easy to install.

3. It has several configurations and is easy to install



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