Flow Divider Without Valves + Motor – Group 1

Flow divider in aluminium, and with external gears, without valves and with motor. It is a component of group 1, and it is high-precision like all products in this category.

Features and functions

This model is designed to divide the flow.
The RV-G divider is the motorized version of the RV-D divider.
Its main feature is that it has a motor connected to the flow divider elements, which is very useful when the incoming and/or outgoing pressure of the divider is below the minimum pressure required to start, because, by fueling the motor, the divider can still be operated. In fact, it is a model used, for example, in systems with single affects hydraulic cylinders.

Characteristic Curves

 Download the file rvcc01-en-vivoil.pdf ~242 KB


Technical Data

  • Displacements from 0.91 cm3/rev to 9.88 cm3/rev
  • Maximum pressures up to 210 bar
  • Rotation speeds up to 6500 rpm

Options available

  • Viton



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