Vivoil Hydraulic Motors: a Guide to Our Special Solutions

We have devised a number of special solutions to make our hydraulic motors even more powerful and resistant: 11 optional extras that you can integrate into the Unidirectional Hydraulic Motors and Reversible Hydraulic Motors of the Vivoil range. Let’s see what they are, what they are used for and some examples of applications. 1 – […]

The MIA-FD Auto-Compensating Flow Divider

Golden, accurate within 1.5-2%, modular and expandable, the MIA-FD flow divider, an acronym for Manifold Instantaneous Auto-compensating Flow Divider, is one of Vivoil’s highest performing and most appreciated components. Unlike standard flow dividers, which are either gear or valve flow dividers, this solution includes both gears and a valve compensation system to maintain accuracy even […]

How to Recognize Original Vivoil Flow Dividers from Imitations

Some distributors have told us that flow dividers similar to ours in shape and colour are for sale on the Chinese market, but they are produced by different companies with which we have no business relationship. Here’s how to recognize Vivoil flow dividers from imitations. 1 – All Vivoil products have a label that is […]

Vivoil Hydraulic Products and Quality

Our corporate and product philosophy Pumps, motors, multiple pumps and flow dividers – all the products leaving our factory must be of superior quality, with care and attention to aesthetics and every detail.  At Vivoil, in fact, we are never satisfied – every new component we produce must be better than the previous version, more […]

COVID-19: Resuming Activity

The Decree of the Prime Minister of April 10th, 2020 extended until May 3rd, 2020 the measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus. In our case, we are among the exceptions and our activity can resume because it is functional for companies in the supply chains provided for by the decree of March […]

Coronavirus Update: All Activities On Hold Until Further Notice

Dear Clients, From today, March 23rd, and until April 13rd, we suspend our activities to comply with the regulations established by our Government to contain the Coronavirus emergency. At this time, we cannot make any predictions about the reopening date: we will wait for new indications from the Government expected and will update you as […]

Vivoil’s Deliveries – Coronavirus in Italy

As you know, at this moment we are called to an act of collective responsibility, in our private lives and therefore also in our professional lives, to stem the spread of the Coronavirus. For our part, we continue to work in a safe environment and the priority right now is to protect our workers with […]

Pump Body V-shaped Rupture

What does the rupture depend on, and how do you avoid it? Suddenly, the Vivoil pump that you bought and used without any problems for several months breaks down. You check the part and find that there is a V-shaped rupture in the component body and now you are wondering what to do. A rupture […]

How to Change Rotation of Vivoil Pumps

Do you have a Vivoil unidirectional pump and you want to change its rotation? Here are directions on how to do it. Changing the rotation of a XV unidirectional pump Let’s see together step by step how to change the rotation of a Vivoil XV unidirectional pump, but first some important directions: to change the […]

New product: Group 3 Flow Divider with Valves

The range of our flow dividers still grows. In addition to the classic no valve divider, we now also offer the brand-new flow divider with single relief and anti-cavitation valves of group 3. The flow divider for large displacements that corrects errors at every cycle Suitable for displacements from 14.89 cm3/rev to 86.87 cm3/rev, the […]