The MIA-FD Auto-Compensating Flow Divider

Divider MIA-FD

Golden, accurate within 1.5-2%, modular and expandable, the MIA-FD flow divider, an acronym for Manifold Instantaneous Auto-compensating Flow Divider, is one of Vivoil’s highest performing and most appreciated components.

Unlike standard flow dividers, which are either gear or valve flow dividers, this solution includes both gears and a valve compensation system to maintain accuracy even in the presence of load imbalances. This feature, together with the CETOP connections directly included, makes MIA-FD a unique flow divider for performance and accuracy.

It is not necessary to make corrections beforehand, because MIA-FD continuously balances the load

MIA-FD is a gear divider that includes a compensation valve system. In this way the division precision is continuous until the end of the run, avoiding the imbalances caused by oil behavior, which tends to move where there is less pressure, as you can see in this simulation:

The standard flow dividers, in fact, suffer the load differences applied to the different elements and consequently the cylinder subject to a lower load goes faster. In MIA-FD, instead, no cylinder goes faster, limiting the error to 1.5-2%, even when there are very high pressure differences (up to 170 bar).

The correction happens continuously, whether the load remains the same or changes in time, like in this simulation

It is a very useful feature especially in cases where no corrections can be made beforehand, for example in the agricultural and livestock sector, when lifting animal loading platforms.

Animals move continuously and their movement unbalances the load in an unpredictable way, but MIA-FD balances it by itself.

It is customizable and compact, thanks to the CETOP connections

We have integrated CETOP connections on MIA-FD to add functionality – i.e. other components and valves – directly on the flow divider, without the need for a dedicated manifold or external piping. So you can “customize” MIA-FD even later, when it has already been installed.

Thanks to the CETOP connections you don’t need to connect other cables, pipes and components to the flow divider, just add or remove an element to integrate new controls:

Among the options (MVE variant) we have provided the possibility to equip the divider with a control element, consisting of a general CETOP connection to which can be associated the control valve, a protection valve and a speed control valve, and it is all included in one compact object: the MIA-FD flow divider with instantaneous auto-compensation.

Versatile, modular and expandable up to 8 elements

Thanks to its features, MIA-FD is used successfully in many sectors and for different applications, solving a common problem: load imbalances that cannot be predicted in advance. For example, MIA-FD is used to lift trucks with a very unbalanced load, to lift beams of different lengths (switching the divider elements on and off according to the number of cylinders required), cable winding systems, etc.

It is modular and expandable, but to maintain accuracy around 1.5-2%, it can be assembled for up to 8 elements.

Looking for a particular solution or want to know how to integrate MIA-FD into your project?

Contact us, we are here to help you customize the MIA-FD flow divider to get the performance you need.

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