Vivoil hydraulic pumps KV and XV series

What is the difference between the two versions?

Do you have a Vivoil KV-type hydraulic pump and want to replace it? KVs are now out of production, but you can choose one of the new XV series pumps, because they are perfectly interchangeable with the previous version.

In fact, in Vivoil, product research is a constant: we study new solutions to offer you hydraulic components that are always better performing and up-to-date. This is precisely why, in 2003, we decided to replace KV pumps with XVs. In this article we outline the features and main differences between the models of the two series.

100% interchangeable: XV series pumps have the same functions as the KV

Functionally, the products of the two series are identical and are 100% compatible. You can easily choose from the XV series of unidirectional pumps, reversible pumps or multiple pumps and replace your KV component with a new and even more efficient product.

In fact, the XV is the new and upgraded version of its predecessor series. It has been optimized to achieve higher efficiencies and has also been improved in terms of construction.

KV pump parts, however, are no longer available.

Different components, same assembly

The XV series allows you to achieve better performance. This is definitely the main difference from the KV series.

In addition, the two models also differ in another aspect: the parts that make them up. We have replaced some elements with the aim of making the pump even more robust and durable.

How to replace a Vivoil KV pump with one XV

Do you want to replace your old KV pump with an XV? Just locate the corresponding model by following the steps in our labeling system guide. If your Vivoil product was purchased before 2010, in fact, the code engraved on the pump does not exactly match the new model. This is because, in that year, we switched from laser-engraved marking to barcode labeling.

The goal was to have a unique code that would allow us to trace exactly every single Vivoil component sold and make it easier to repurchase our products.

Can’t find the model and need help?

If you can’t find the pump that matches the one you have or are looking for a particular product, please contact our sales department. We will be glad to help you out and find the best solution for you!

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