Guide to Our Labeling System: Change of Marking from XV1P to…

Years ago you bought a Vivoil pump marked laser with a code similar to this: XV1P, KV1P, KV0U. Today you want to change it, but you don’t know how to select the replacement? Here it is directions to guide you in our product coding system.

From laser marking to bar code labeling

In 2010 we changed our labeling system: from the laser-engraved marking we went to the label with bar code, much more complete, because thanks to the unique code we can go back exactly to every single component made and sold. The new system is much more practical even for our customers and distributors who can easily re-order products that are running out of stock in their warehouse.

However, if your Vivoil product was purchased before 2010, the code you find engraved does not exactly match the new one, so follow the next steps, to find the item to be replaced according to the new coding system.

1 – Identifiy the category to which the component belongs

Starting from the laser marking of the Vivoil component you want to replace, you must first go back to the product category to which it belongs:

  • unidirectional pump
  • reversible pump
  • multiple pump stage
  • unidirectional motor
  • reversible motor

Let’s take an example

Let’s assume that the code of the component you want to replace is this:

KV 1P – S / A – 5.9 cm3 / rev – 07/04/2004

It is therefore:

  1. unidirectional pump, KV series, group 1 (KV 1P)
  2. with anticlockwise rotation (S / A)
  3. displacement in ccm per revolution  5.9 cm3
  4. produced on 04/07/2004

From the table below you should be able to go back to the category of pumps to which it belongs (unidirectional, reversible or multiple pump element).

Marking code Product category
SERIES KV SERIES WV SERIES XV Unidirectional pumps Multiple pump stages
KV0P – KV 0P WV0P – WP 0P XV0P – XV 0P Group 0 group 0
KV1P – KV 1P XV1P – XV 1P Group 1 group 1
KV2P – KV 2P XV2P – XV 2P Group 2 group 2
XV3P – XV 3P Group 3 group 3
SERIES KV SERIES WV SERIES XV Unidirectional motors
KV0U – KV 0U WV0U – WP 0U XV0U – XV 0U Group 0
KV1U – KV 1U XV1U – XV 1U Group 1
KV2U – KV 2U XV2U – XV 2U Group 2
XV3U – XV 3U Group 3
KV0R – KV 0R WV0R – WP 0R XV0R – XV 0R Group 0
KV1R – KV 1R XV1R – XV 1R Group 1
KV2R – KV 2R XV2R – XV 2R Group 2
XV3R – XV 3R Group 3
KV0M – KV 0M WV0M – WP 0M XV0M – XV 0M Group 0
KV1M – KV 1M XV1M – XV 1M Group 1
KV2M – KV 2M XV2M – XV 2M Group 2
XV3MR – XV 3M Group 3

2 – Select the group size

Once the product category has been identified, use the table to choose the group size to which your component belongs.

In our example it is a unidirectional group 1 pump.

Now, depending on the product you have, check the type of connection (flange) and enter the page of the component you need.

3 – Search for the product with the same characteristics as yours

Inside each product card you will find the available configurations and the catalogue.

You should then go back to the component you need.

And if your component is unmarked?

If the component you want to replace is without any marking or if you can’t find the new code, write us the direction of rotation and send us pictures of the product you want to replace.

You should send us the pictures for:

  1. front flange
  2. shaft
  3. IN and OUT ports
  4. marking

As shown in this picture:

Do you need help?

Here we are: contact us!

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