Vivoil KV and RV series flow dividers

All the differences between the two versions

It sometimes happens that some customers ask us if there is a difference between the Vivoil flow dividers of the KV series and those of the RV series. The KV, in fact, is no longer in production and has been replaced by the recent RV version.

Usually the request comes when the component is nearing the end of its life and needs to be replaced, or when the customer is looking for a new divider for his project, needs to figure out which one is best suited in his case, and is wondering how to choose it.

The components of the two series are actually different from each other, and in this in-depth look at what the features of the new version are, compared to the previous one, to help you choose the most suitable component for your project.

Same functions, but different variations and sizes

The functions have not changed, however, these are two families of dividers with substantial differences. The components of the new RV series, in fact, have the same functionality as the previous series, but they have different dimensions and features, which we decided to include in the current version, to make the product even better performing and give you even more choice in designing your system.

The new version of our dividers is available in multiple variants

Unlike the KV series, which was only available in 2 versions – that without valves or with power factor correction valves – the new series includes 3 possible variants:

1 – Divider without valves

Divider without valves RD101
Divider without valves RD101

2 – Single-valve divider, which is compatible with the valve version of the KV series (except for the dimensions, which are different) – available only for gr. 0 and gr. 1

Single-valve divider RS1011
Single-valve divider RS1011

3 – With single relief and anti-cavitation valves 

Divider with single relief and anti-cavitation valves RV101
Divider with single relief and anti-cavitation valves RV101

RV series dividers have different sizes in length and height

The dimensions also change. The dividers in the new series have a different shape. In fact, they are longer and taller than the previous version because the valves are positioned differently, as shown in the drawings below:

Drawing for comparison of overall dimensions between series "KV" and "RV"
Drawing for comparison of overall dimensions between series “KV” and “RV”

Greater tolerances, more precision, improved components: the features of the new RV divider series

We revised the flow dividers with our customers’ requests in mind, with the aim of achieving better performance and solving some of the limitations found in the KV series models. The new version, therefore, has improved components, provides greater accuracy and is more versatile to give you more choices at the plant level.

We have standardized the solution by including one input for every two outputs, with the dual result of simplifying our production and making the use of dividers more flexible. In fact, all the inlets are communicating, so in the installation you can choose the most convenient inlet and plug the others.

Using a larger number of inlets also allows a reduction in the pressure drop associated with passing through the flow divider.

Given the major changes introduced, KV series spare parts are no longer available.

Do you want to replace your old KV flow divider with one from the RV series?

If you want to replace your component, it is good to remember that some models are compatible, while others are not. Also, you need to take into account the dimensions of the two series, which are different.

For example, you can replace a valveless model from the old series with a valveless model from the new one.

In the case of the divider with valves, on the other hand, it is necessary to check which, among the 2 models of RV dividers available, is more suitable for your system, although, in most situations, the KV version with valves can be replaced by the RV version with a single valve.

So the substitution will have to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, also taking into account the space available in the system.

Here you will find a guide to replacing your KV component with an RV.

Do you need help? Contact us, we can support you in choosing the most suitable divider for your case.

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