New Labeling System: the Unique Vivoil Code is Born

It will now be even easier to recognise an original Vivoil product from imitations and to reorder the parts you need: we have updated our labeling system and provided a unique serial number for each part.

What has changed compared to the previous version? Here are all the new features.

More traceability: all information in one serial number

The new Vivoil labeling is an evolution of the labeling system in use from 2010 until September 2022, which we have introduced to provide our customers with greater traceability, even with respect to individual articles.

In fact, today, every component assembled in our factory carries a unique serial number.

Below is an example:

In the example shown in the image, the label refers to a group 1 one-way hydraulic pump. Highlighted are the product code ending with the variant (in this case 0, because the component is an STD type) and the serial number, i.e. a unique alphanumeric code reproduced through the barcode and shown at the bottom.

It is therefore a true serial number that allows the entire route to be traced and all useful production information to be tracked back:

  • when it was assembled
  • when it was tested,
  • the personnel who carried out the different stages of assembly and testing

The new labels therefore simplify identification by providing valuable information for those who only want to buy original Vivoil parts and need to reorder them more easily even after some time.

There is another important new feature that will make re-sorting even easier and concerns multiple pumps.

A unique code also for the individual elements of multiple pumps

Need to reorder a single element of a multi-pump? Now you can! In fact, unlike the previous system, the new labeling of multiple pumps shows, in addition to the different serial numbers, the codes for the individual element, as can be seen in the example below.

As shown in the image immediately below, there are two types of labels for the flow dividers: one on each element (with its serial number), indicating the displacement, and one with the complete product code.

A Vivoil flow divider with highlighted the placement of the new labels

Damage to the surface of the component? From today, labels are even more robust!

The material used to produce the labels has also changed. It is more robust and impact-resistant. This will reduce the number of occasions where it will be difficult to read the identification detail in the event of scratches or abrasions.

The new labeling system is a guarantee of transparency and quality

We have decided to improve our labeling system even more so that all our customers can buy pumps, motors and flow dividers with the peace of mind and security of choosing only high-quality components, distinguishing genuine Vivoil products from fake ones.

In fact, the basis of our company philosophy is to obtain the best hydraulic product on the market, and for this to be possible, our choice is not to mass produce. Each component is individually manufactured with high-precision machinery and tested by our most experienced technicians.

With the new system, therefore, there will remain a record of the history of the product we made for you.

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