New Product: Flow Divider With Electrically Operated Valves

Among the variants available on our products, we are adding a new one: the flow divider with electrically operated valves (or with solenoid valves)!

The divider with valves activated by an electrical pulse

The novelty is all in the control: compared to standard flow dividers, with this option, the rephasing does not depend on pressure, but is activated when you decide.

In the standard flow divider, in fact, valve rephasing occurs when the hydraulic cylinders reach the end of their stroke; the pressure rises, the valve opens and allows the oil to drain.

In the case of the electrically operated flow divider, on the other hand, the valves (solenoid valves) are activated by an electrical impulse that can be provided manually or, by way of example, by associating it with proximity sensors applied to the cylinders.

One more feature, many new uses

Compared with the divider with standard valves, the electrically operated model has an added functionality because the pulse can stop or send the oil flow to drain at any time, without having to wait for pressure changes or for the cylinders to reach the end of their stroke.

As a result, the operator or the plant’s electronic system can:

  • activate rephasing even at mid-stage;
  • activate intermediate and multi-stage rephasing;
  • activate and interrupt lifting cylinders, sending oil to discharge at the desired point;
  • turn each element on or off with an electrical pulse.

The solenoid valve divider is therefore very useful in lifting systems, where hydraulic cylinders are used, and in systems where frequent checks need to be scheduled. In the latter case, one does not have to wait for the end of the stroke to proceed with realignment, because it is sufficient to stop the flow at any set level.

Do you want to know how to use the Vivoil electrically operated flow divider? Contact our technical department, we will help you study the most suitable applications in your case.

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