Vivoil Hydraulic Products and Quality

Our corporate and product philosophy

Pumps, motors, multiple pumps and flow dividers – all the products leaving our factory must be of superior quality, with care and attention to aesthetics and every detail.  At Vivoil, in fact, we are never satisfied – every new component we produce must be better than the previous version, more efficient and with higher performance, because we have one objective: to obtain the best hydraulic product on the market.

This is our company philosophy.

Our Goal: To make the best hydraulic products on the market

This quest for excellence is part of the Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo’s DNA, it has been with us since the very first moment when, in 1985, Mr. Domenico Vivolo founded his company, after 25 years of experience at Turolla, one of the companies that in the post-war period was a leading player in the creation of the sector.

Strengthened by this decennial expertise, we have developed new and original solutions, becoming an international reference in the production of flow dividers, products that require high precision and care, and that are the reflection of the quality we are looking for in the whole Vivoil range.

In fact, when we design a new component, we make sure that it achieves ever greater performance, that it is increasingly efficient and robust. This means that, already at the design stage, we work to minimize the possibility of human error, maximizing performance and completing it with a thorough final test.

How Vivoil products are born

We seek the highest product quality at all stages of the production process.

1 – Design: We study products that guarantee performance that is always superior to the market demands

Each Vivoil component is the result of a design that guarantees above-average performance. In fact, the design choices always aim to obtain a better quality product, putting economic and organizational aspects in second place.

A product thus conceived, even if initially it may have a higher cost, pays for itself by allowing lower management and maintenance costs, and a reduction in the operating cost (better efficiency, lower energy consumption).

2 – Manufacturing: We do not produce in series, each component is manufactured individually and with very high precision machinery

High precision macinery for hydraulic products

We don’t work in series. Our production is not standardized, but flexible, almost handcrafted. It is a necessary choice because this is the only way we can make many different products, customized, both in technical characteristics and quantities. In fact, our customers can place very small orders with us – even for just 1 piece – or order thousands of pieces very different from each other.

In order to obtain high-performance components, in different quantities and types, the products are manufactured one by one with 5-axis machines (which allow us only one grip) from the Hermle company, which have very high manufacturing capacity and tolerance.

This is also where the high level of professionalism of the staff comes into play, who must be able to continuously discriminate and manufacture different products. To help them in this task, all technical documentation is available on every workstation, which is always updated to take account of revisions by the technical department. In addition, we periodically organize training and updating courses with the production manager, so that the staff always knows what new projects and new products we want to put on the market.

3 – Testing: We check the components during manufacturing and test them once they are ready

Product testing

We try to identify and eliminate possible processing problems that can clearly occur in the early stages of production and assembly, and then operate an additional final filter with a 100% test of the finished products. For components that require greater care and precision, we carry out targeted checks, identifying specific methods that allow us to check them ever more effectively.

Product quality is also quality of service

We believe that the most efficient and high performing product is not complete if it is not complemented by an equally punctual and attentive service. Listening to our customer,  and responding to his requests with rapidity and precision, are as important to us as the quest for the best possible component.

Vivoil Service during the Coronavirus period

We have resumed activities for a few weeks now, and we are working to meet all the commitments made. However, the market situation is such that we are not currently able to be as quick and timely as usual, especially with regard to deliveries. We are confident that we will return to the speed to which we have accustomed our customers as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we are here to listen to you, answer your questions and reassure you.

Write to us and call us, we will be happy to share with you proposals and suggestions to face this new challenge together!

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