Pump Body V-shaped Rupture

What does the rupture depend on, and how do you avoid it?

Suddenly, the Vivoil pump that you bought and used without any problems for several months breaks down. You check the part and find that there is a V-shaped rupture in the component body and now you are wondering what to do.

A rupture of this type is an infrequent event that can be avoided, let’s see what it can depend on and how to solve the problem.

Usually, the V-shaped rupture is an anomaly due to the pressure on the delivery pipe 

Although our pumps are very robust, they can break if subjected to excessive loads. In fact, the most common cause of pump ruptures is the application of cyclic loads. In these situations, the rupture is in the middle of the body or on the top side of the screws, but it is linear, similar to the picture here below:

Linear rupture

When the rupture is V-shaped, it means something’s not right.

We have done a number of FEM simulations to understand what type of stress could generate this kind of fracture.

The result of the analysis showed that the type of stress that leads to a rupture with this shape is the one related to a load applied cyclically on the delivery pipe.

In fact, the rubber hose – assembled curved – tends to straighten itself during the pressure phase, creating a moment load on the body, which in turn can generate a V-shaped rupture.

FEM simulation

How to avoid a V-shaped rupture?

To avoid a V-shaped rupture, we recommend that you:

  • solve the problem created by the delivery pipe, for example by mounting the delivery pipe perpendicular to the body and using steel fittings on any bends
  • choose square flanges type BOSCH that react better to cyclic loads
  • monitor closely the state of the accumulators as discharged or broken accumulators lead to increased frequency of pump intervention and higher pressure peaks.

Do you need help?

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