Unidirectional Hydraulic Pump ø22 HY Body-Shaped FLANGE – Group 0

Shaped unidirectional hydraulic pump in aluminium with external gears.
It is a component of group 0 and of type HY, according to our product classification for the application of screws. In the following/adjacent figure, you will find a diagram showing where the empty holes for the fixing screws are located on HY models.

Features and functions

The flange of this model has a diameter of 22 mm. The rotation verse of the pump is clockwise or counterclockwise and you can reverse it without having to add any components* to optimize storage space and adapt the product to your needs. Please refer to page 18 of this catalogue for instructions on changing the rotation verse.
* Valid for all versions of this model except those with the outlet or inlet in the front flange

Characteristic Curves

 Download the file xpcc0.pdf ~41 KB

Technical Data

  • Displacements from 0.16 cm3/rev to 2.28 cm3/rev
  • Maximum pressures up to 280 bar
  • Rotation speeds up to 9000 rpm

Options available

  • Viton
  • Maximum pressure valve
  • Double shaft
  • Inlet and outlet in the body, front flange or back cover
  • Other shafts available:
    • Parallel shaft with key
    • Milled shaft

In the following tables you will find the most common versions of this product in STEP format. For other configurations please contact our technical office.



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