New Product: 11 Teeth Shaft

Our new 11 teeth shaft next to a Vivoil Group 2 Pump

Many were waiting for it and finally we are pleased to announce that a new shaft joined the family of Vivoil options: from June 2019 the 11 teeth shaft is available on group 2 pumps/motors !

This new shaft – SAE J 498 11 T 16/32 DP – until now was not available but actually it completes the range of Vivoil options, with a product very useful in heavy duty applications, resisting to highest torques.

11 teeth shaft: on which products and for which displacements

The 11 tooth shaft can be fitted onto the cast iron flanges group 2 produtcs of our range and it is available in most of the displacements.

You can fit the shaft into:

The available displacements are: ccm 4-6-9-11-14-17-19-22-26

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