Quality System

Quality Certification

Quality Certification 2015 (jpg)

Certificato di qualità DNV 2015 (pdf)

Product Warranty

VIVOIL OLEODINAMICA VIVOLO SRL warrants, for the sole benefit of the purchaser, that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship, provided that they are used in normal conditions and in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions.

Under these conditions, the warranty will have a validity of 12 months starting from the date of manufacture shown on the product.

The present warranty shall not extend to products which, by our own estimation, have been carelessly handled, used improperly, tampered with or installed in inappropriate applications.

Warranty coverage shall be limited to the repair and replacement of any products displaying manufacturing defects, as verified by VIVOIL OLEODINAMICA VIVOLO upon thorough inspection. Only claims submitted within the established warranty period shall be accepted.

Under the warranty our company will neither credit your account nor refund the price of defective products, but only replace original parts.

Products claimed to be defective and eligible for warranty coverage must be sent, carriage prepaid, to VIVOIL OLEODINAMICA VIVOLO SRL. The manufacturer will accept no items for which shipping charges have not been prepaid.

If upon thoroughly inspecting the product VIVOIL OLEODINAMICA VIVOLO verifies the presence of a manufacturing defect, the repaired part will be sent back to you and expenses will be borne by VIVOIL. If no flaws are detected on the returned product and the latter does not qualify for warranty coverage, the costs of inspection and for the replacement of parts, where necessary, will be charged to the purchaser, to whom the product will be returned, carriage forward.

The present warranty is the sole warranty provided for VIVOIL OLEODINAMICA VIVOLO SRL products, unless otherwise specified in a written communication sent by VIVOIL OLEODINAMICA VIVOLO directly to the purchaser.